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Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) - Lucille Ball VHS


Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) 


Bubbles (Lucille Ball) loves to dance. But she also likes to eat. Her friend Judy (Maureen O'Hara) may choose to suffer for her art, but not Bubbles. She swaps her ballet shoes for a G-string... and turns patrons' fantasies into dollars as burlesque sensation Tiger Lily White.

Directed by Dorothy Arzner, classic Hollywood's sole major female director, Dance, Girl, Dance is embraced by fans for its feminist sensibilities as well as its powerful storytelling. If you know Lucy only as a madcap comedienne or a glamour girl, you're in for a wallop of a surprise. She singes the celluloid with her vamping - and grabs the heart with her cynical acceptance of being a woman in a man's world.

Starring :

Lucille Ball, Maureen O´Hara, Louis Hayward

Director :

Dorothy Arzner


Running time : 89 Minutes

Language : English


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