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Animal World (1956) - Ray Harryhausen

Animal World (1956) - Ray Harryhausen


Animal World (1956)

Synopsis: Even though this film isn't science fiction, it is a glorious presentation of scientific speculation in the grand tradition of Disney's True Life Adventures (many of which it predated). And for millions of science fiction fans who love movies about dinosaurs, this is the film that demonstrates what 20th Century Fox's 1960 version of `The Lost World' SHOULD have looked like. Ironically, both films were produced and directed by Irwin Allen! Two years earlier, Allen won an Academy Award for his documentary-style study of ocean life called `The Sea Around Us'. So, Allen decided to do a film about all animal life on planet Earth. Ray Harryhausen and Willis O'Brien provided the brilliant animation for a segment of `Animal World' dealing with prehistoric life. In it, we see dinosaurs walking, eating, fighting, and even laying eggs, including the hatching of a baby brontosaurus -- pink, slick, wet, and cute as a button. The stop-motion animation models in `Animal World' are highly detailed, and their prehistoric environment is beautifully designed (a table-top landscape with painted backdrops showing spectacular mountains in the background).

US NTSC,english version,b/w and color,codefree,playable on all DVD players worldwide.

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