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At Sword´s Point (1952) - Maureen O´Hara  DVD

At Sword´s Point (1952) - Maureen O´Hara DVD


At Sword´s Point (1952)

AKA Sons Of The Musketeers

It's all for one and fun for all as Maureen O'Hara wields a blade as sharp as her wits in this rollicking Technicolor adventure. With the power-hungry Duc de Lavalle (Robert Douglas) threatening to usurp the throne, the queen (Gladys Cooper) summons the Four Musketeers to come to her aid. But too many years have passed and they're no longer able to head the call, so their grown children decide to fight for their fathers instead: D'Artagnan Jr. (cornel Wilde), Porthos Jr. (Alan Hale Jr.), Aramis Jr. (Dan O'Herlihy) and Athos' daughter Claire (O'Hara), whose ravishing beauty hides a secret Lavalle's soldiers will soon give their lives to learn. She's the deadliest swordsman in France!

Starring :

Cornel Wilde, Maureen O´Hara

Director :

Lewis Allen


Running time : 81 Minutes

Language : English


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