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Billy The Kid (1941) - Robert Taylor  DVD

Billy The Kid (1941) - Robert Taylor DVD


Billy The Kid (1941)

Billy the Kid. Say that name in the 1880s New Mexico Territory and some folks whoop for joy. Other folks reach for their guns.

Wearing all black and riding a majestic black mare, Robert Taylor (Camille, Bataan) puts aside his then-typical romantic persona to play the title role in a rugged Technicolor Western centered on the hotheaded Kid's attempt to unholster his gun and be a peacemaker in a festering Lincoln County range ware. But the West has not yet changed. Its way is still the way of the gun. So Billy gives in to his reckless nature and straps on his sidearm again, a decision that may cost some men - including Billy - their lives.

Starring :

Robert Taylor, Ian Hunter, Gene Lockhart

Director :

David Miller


Running time : 94 Minutes

Language : English


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