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Birdman Of Alcatraz (1962) - Burt Lancaster DVD


Birdman Of Alcatraz (1962) 

Region code 1 (USA) - NEW and sealed

How does bitter convict Robert Stroud cope with a lifetime of solitary confinement? The answer, in a sense, comes from above - in the form of a feeble sparrow he finds in the isolation yard. Stroud brings this newfound companion to his cell, nurses it to health and, from that point on, there's no turning back. Despite having only a third grade education, and no hope of parole, Stroud becomes a renowned ornithologist - and achieves a greater sense of freedom and purpose behind prison walls than many in the outside world will ever know.

The "finest prison picture ever made" (Variety), this inspirational and compelling classic stars Burt Lancaster in an Oscar-nominated performance as Stroud - the convict who, in his power to heal birds, finds the power to heal himself.

Starring :

Burt Lancaster, Karl Malden, Thelma Ritter

Director :

John Frankenheimer


Running time : 149 Minutes

Language : English

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