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Carson City (1952) - Randolph Scott  DVD

Carson City (1952) - Randolph Scott DVD


Carson City (1952)

A new rail line will run from silver-rich Carson City and Jeff Kincaid is the man to make it happen. It won't be easy. It might be deadly. Citizens are riled over this new era of steel-and-steam progress. And the man goading the populace just happens to be a furtive thief who knows stagecoach lines are easy targets.

Randolph Scott, the Western icon affectionately called "Granite Jaw" by Carson City director Andrew De Toth (House of Wax), stars as Kincaid. Raymond Massey adds shadings of erudition and menace as the secret leader of robbers whose m.o. gives them moniker "Champagne Bandits." And all the rugged, brawling excitement is captured by the studio's first use of its new single-strip color process Warnercolor.

Starring :

Randolph Scott, Raymond Massey, Richard Webb

Director :

Andre Dr Toth


Running time : 87 Minutes

Language : English



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