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Cat Chaser (1988) - Peter Weller VHS


Cat Chaser (1988) 


Superstars Kelly McGillis (The Accused, Top Gun) and Peter Weller (RoboCop, Leviathan) ignite a smoldering passion with chilling consequences in the erotic thriller Cat Chaser, also starring two-time Academy Award-nominee Charles Durning.

Something was calling former Lance Corporal George "Cat Chaser" Moran away from his quiet Miami retreat-the haunting memory of his violent brush with death. On a trip to Santo Domingo in search of the woman who saved his life, George Moran instead reunites with the sensual Mary de Boya - a woman whose love could cost him everything. George plunges into a passionate affair with Mary, the wife of a cunning and powerful millionaire. He's about to pay the steep price for lust, deception and revenge.

Starring :

Peter Weller, Kelly McGillis, Charles Durning

Director :

Abel Ferrara


Running time : 90 Minutes

Language :English

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