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Crack House (1989) - Jim Brown VHS


Crack House (1989) 


Jim Brown (Original Ganstas), Anthony Geary ("General Hospital") and Richard Rountree (Shaft) star in this gripping and gritty film that rips the lid off the savage world of LA's gangs to tell the touching, explosive story of two teenage lovers whose dream turns into a nightmare.

Rick and Melissa have goals beyond their brutal neighborhood, but when his cousin is killed in a gang fight and Rick is jailed for retaliating, Melissa is left to fend for herself among the beasts who rule the streets. Automatic assault rifles blaze between rival gangs as she becomes a virtual prisoner of a drug king (Brown) and descends into the hell of crack addiction. There's only one way for Rick to get out of jail and save her... and for Melissa, he will undertake the ultimate risk!

Starring :

Jim Brown, Richard Roundtree

Director :

Michael Fischa


Running time : 91 Minutes

Language : English

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