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Fear In The Night (1972) - Joan Collins DVD


Fear In The Night (1972)

Region code 1 (USA)

Recovering from a recent nervous breakdown, a young woman (Judy Geeson of To Sir, With Love) moves with her new husband (Ralph Bates of Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde) to a rural boarding school where she meets the academy's peculiar headmaster (the legendary Peter Cushing) and his lusty wife (Joan Collins). But when the unstable newlywed is repeatedly stalked and assaulted by a mysterious one-armed man, her terror escalates to a frenzy of madness and murder... or does it? If she can survive one night of unbearable fear, then the morning promises an even more shocking surprise...

Also known as Dynasty of Fear, this little seen 1972 chiller was produced, directed and co-written by veteran Hammer master Jimmy Sangster (Horror of Frankenstein, Lust for a Vampire) and delivers a wild ride full of twists, jolts and a deliciously nasty surprise ending in the classic Diabolique tradition.

Starring :

Joan Collins, Ralph Bates, Judy Geeson, Peter Cushing

Director :

Jimmy Sangster


Running time : 94 Minutes

Language : English

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