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Gunhed (1989)

Gunhed (1989)


Gunhed (1989) 

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On July 4th in the year 2025, the Khyron 5 Super-Computer declared war on the world.

The Allied Forces attacked Khyron's base, Island 8JO.


Now, 13 years later, a small team of techno-bandits and a lone Texas Air Force Ranger are about to land on 8JO.

Prepare for the ultimate in heavy-metal action as a hit team of ruthless techno-thieves take on an entire island controlled by an insane super-computer! At stake: A precious vial of radioactive isotope and the fate of the human race...and mankind's last hope is the 30 ft. armored battle robot GUNHED! With an international cast, stunning state-of-the-art special effects and amazing full-scale robots, 

Starring :

Yosuke Saito, Brenda Bakke, Mickey Curtis

Director :

James Bannon, Alan Smithee


Running time : 90 Minutes

Language : English


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