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Man With The Gun (1955) - Robert Mitchum DVD


Man With The Gun (1955) 

Region code 1 (USA) - NEW and Sealed

Screen legend Robert Mitchum fights to win back the love of a fiery and beautiful woman (Oscar-nominee Jan Sterling) while he's gunning down outlaws in this hard-hitting western classic.

When Clint Tollinger (Mitchum) rides into Sheridan City, the only thing he's looking for is Nelly Bain (Sterling). But what he finds is a town in trouble! A gang of murderous gunmen is driving farmers off their land in a brutal attempt to gain control of the city. Frightened and helpless, the citizens hire Tollinger, a notorious "town-tamer", to help them. But there's one thing Sheridan's residents didn't count on: Tollinger operates in his own, tough way, and that means things could get worse - a lot worse - before they get better!

Starring :

Robert Mitchum, Jan Sterling, Barbara Lawrence


Running time : 84 Mnutes

Language : English

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