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Monster High (1989) - David Fuhrer VHS


Monster High (1989) 


Every school has its share of space cadets, but this semester, MONtgomery STERling HIGH is about to get theirs, complete with real live ray-guns, in this spaced-out sci-fi comedy. When all-American average guy Norm Median meets fatally-attractive Candace Caine the first day of fall term, they're both too distracted to notice the weird new "transfer" students, even if they include a fashion-conscious zombie, a killer plant and a stone gargoyle. Hey, some kids are like that. But when their leader-famous inter-galactic terrorist Mr. Armageddon drops in with global destruction on his mind, Norm has to think fast. The end seems near until Norm suggests challenging Mr. A's "team" to a basketball game for the fate of the earth. The stakes are high, if the planet is destroyed, it would seriously wreck Norman's chances with Candace but no one said being a senior was easy in the cosmically-campy campus comedy, Monster High.

Starring :

David Fuhrer, Sean Haines,  Diana Frank

Director :

Rudiger Poe


Running time : 84 Minutes

Language : English


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