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Mosquito Coast (1986) - Harrison Ford  Blu-ray

Mosquito Coast (1986) - Harrison Ford Blu-ray


Mosquito Coast (1986)

Region code B (Europe)

Allie Fox is fed up with an America that "buys junk, sells junk, eats junk." So with a mocking "Goodbye, America! Have a nice day," the brilliant inventor (nine patents, six pending) leads his trusting wife and four children into the remote jungles of Central America to carve out a new society.

After teaming up on Witness, Harrison Ford and director Peter Weir (The Truman Show) reunite for this adventure about utopia gone haywire. A movie icon for Star Wars' Han Solo and Indiana Jones, Ford here explores the dark side of heroism - and creates a spellbinding character from the pages of Paul Theroux's bestseller. Helen Mirren, Martha Plimpton and the late River Phoenix co-star.

Starring :

Harrison Hord, Helen Mirren, River Phoenix, Jadrien Steele, Conrad Roberts, Martha Plimpton

Director :

Peter Weir


Running time : 114 Minutes

Language : Spanish, German

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