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Sabotage (1936) - Alfred Hitchcock   Colorized Version

Sabotage (1936) - Alfred Hitchcock Colorized Version


Sabotage (1936) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Colorized Version

Alfred Hitchcock delivers a harrowing look at a city besieged by terror - and a woman engulfed by fear - and this explosive, "intensely exciting" (National Board of Review) tale. One of the most shocking and controversial films of its day, Sabotage is an edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride that's "the most character-oriented and emotionally daring of the director's early thrillers" (Los Angeles Times).

London theater owner Carl Verloc is a quiet man who wouldn't harm a fly... or would he? As the city is rocked by terrorist attacks, Carl's wife begins to suspect that her husband is not who he seems. As she edges closer to the truth, Scotland Yard moves in and a mysterious package is entrusted to an innocent boy... setting the stage for a scene of terrifying destruction!

Starring :

Sylvia Sidney, Oscar Homolka, John Loder

Director :

Alfred Hitchcock


Running time : 77 Minutes

Language : English

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