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The Mummy´s Shroud / Plague Of The Zombies - Hammer Coll. Double Feature (2 DVDs)


The Mummy´s Shroud / Plague Of The Zombies - Hammer Coll. Double Feature 

Region code 1 (USA) - NEW and sealed


The Mummy's Shroud

A small archeological party headed by Sir Basil Walden (Andre Morell) discover the hidden tomb of Kah-to-Bey. Despite a warning from the wild-eyed guardian, Hasmid Ali (Roger Delgado), they take Kah-to-Bey to Cairo and place him next to the mummy of Prem, his devoted slave and protector. The mystical hieroglyphic shroud that covers Kat-to-Bey's body is read aloud by Ali and restores Prem to life resulting in an unstoppable progression of madness, mystery and murder.

THE MUMM'YS SHROUD was the last Hammer film to be shot a Bray Studios which marked the end of a sixteen year association.

The Plague Of The Zombies

A strange disease reaching epidemic proportions is invading the English countryside where Peter Thompson (Brooks Williams) practices. In desperation, Thompson seeks the help of his mentor, Sir James Forbers (Andre Morell), who comes to his assistance in trying to make sense of the horrible plague. Amidst walking corpses, voodoo dolls and empty graves, the two embark on an investigation that uncovers a ghastly secret and leads them to the shocking truth.


Starring :

John Phillips, Andre Morell

Director :

John Gilling


Running time : 180 Minutes 

Language : English

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