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100 Rifles (1969) - Raquel Welch  DVD

100 Rifles (1969) - Raquel Welch DVD


100 Rifles (1969)

Jim Brown, Raquel Welch and Burt Reynolds set the screen ablaze in this intense and "muscular" (Film and TV Daily) Western, bursting with "rousing, almost nonstop action" (Motion Picture Herald) and "humorous charm!" (Roger Ebert)

When an American policeman named Lyedecker (Brown) comes to Mexico to arrest Yaqui Joe (Reynolds) for robbery, he finds himself detained by both an Indian revolution against the Mexican government...and the luscious figure of Joe's sidekick, Sarita (Welch)! As the government steps up its plan for the Indians - total extermination - Joe's stolen money buys weapons for the battle, and Lyedecker joins the fray. But will it be enough to defeat the sadistic General Verdugo (Fernando Lamas) and his army?

Starring :

Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch

Director :

Tom Gries


Running time : 109 minutes

Language : English



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