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Angry Red Planet (1960) - Jack Kruschen  DVD

Angry Red Planet (1960) - Jack Kruschen DVD


Angry Red Planet (1960) 

Light years ahead of its time, this slick sci-fi flick is "science-fantasy, monster-movie and romance all rolled into one" (Hollywood Citizen News). With Martians like the leggy and very hairy "batratspidercrab," plus flesh-eating plants and a rolling jello amoeba with rotating eyes, you'll think twice before jumping into a spaceship - no matter where it's headed.

When an Earth rocket lands on Mars, the crew finds the planet more pink than red and not entirely dead. As these well-armed scientists begin to explore, they are attacked by unbelievably horrific and demented creatures at every turn. Battling for their lives, the survivors make it back to their ship only to discover intelligent life 0 and a warning they'll never forget!

Starring :

Jack Kruschen, Les Tremayne

Director :

Ib Melchior


Running time : 83 Minutes

Language : English

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