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Bikini Beach (1964) - Frankie Avalon  DVD

Bikini Beach (1964) - Frankie Avalon DVD


Bikini Beach (1964) 

Frankie and Annette are back for another sexy sand-fest by the California shore to welcome "Potato Bug," a wacky British mop head singer who's just way out of place on the sun-warmed sand. And those sands just get hotter when the Beach Party gang pull out all the stops, recruiting Harvey Lembeck, Don Rickles, and the music of Stevie Wonder, to prove that in addition to skin and skimpy swimsuits, Bikini Beach has hip shakin', torso rattlin' soul.

The summer beach party is in full swing when the charismatic Brit-pop idol Potato Bug pitches his tent in the sand and sends the girls swooning. A jealous Frankie - determined to exterminate this stiff-upper-lipped pest - challenges the English crooner to a drag race - sending the party into high gear and climaxing in a picture packed with "surfing, speed, slapstick and sex" (Motion Picture Herald).

Starring :

Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello

Director :

William Asher


Running time : 100 Minutes

Language : English

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