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Blood Alley (1955) - John Wayne  DVD

Blood Alley (1955) - John Wayne DVD

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Blood Alley (1955) 

"Powder your nose, baby," the craggy-voiced skipper bellows. "We're coming into Hong Kong." Getting there wasn't easy for wily Merchant Marine Capt. Tom Wilder. But it's exciting - and all an action fan might expect from a movie teaming legends John Wayne, Lauren Bacall and director William A. Wellman.

Wilder braves dangerous waters and pursuing Red Chinese while steering a boatload of Chinese refugees and a doctor's daughter (Bacall) along a 300-mile waterway to freedom's shores. Wellman and his crew cram the Cinemascope frame with riches both scenic (Northern California locales authentically stand in for the Formosa Straits) and action-packed. This ship is under full steam. Destination : Blood Alley

Starring :

John Wayne, William Wellman, Paul Fix

Director :

William Wellman


Running time : 115 Minutes

Language : English

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