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Bombardier (1943) - Randolph Scott  DVD

Bombardier (1943) - Randolph Scott DVD


Bombardier (1943) 

After Pearl Harbor, America prepared to fight for its life. In mere weeks, millions of civilians from farmers to bellhops were turned into battle-ready gunners, commandos, Seabees, pilots and bombardiers.

A cast of man's men, including Pat O'Brien, Randolph Scott and Robert Ryan, headline this prime example of World War II filmmaking that works on many levels: as a flag waver, an action picture and, most memorably, a taut procedural (featuring actual training camp filming) that follows would-be bombardiers through the perils, camaraderie and conflict of training. Equipment fails, controls jam, men plunge to their deaths. . and the bombardiers soar on to face explosive, soul-testing action in the Pacific.

Starring :

Randolph Scott, Pat O´Brien, Robert Ryan

Director :

Richard Wallace


Running time : 99 Minutes

Language : English

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