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Champion (1949) - Kirk Douglas  Blu-ray

Champion (1949) - Kirk Douglas Blu-ray


Champion (1949) 


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Midge Kelly, hitchhiking west with lame brother Connie, is hustled unprepared into a pro boxing match. Though he's severely beaten, manager Tommy Haley finds him promising. Arrived in California, Midge and Connie find nothing but a menial job from which Midge gets relief by seducing Emma, a lovely young waitress. One shotgun marriage later, ambitious Midge falls back on the only option he knows: boxing. Seduced by cheering crowds, money, and a succession of blondes, Midge becomes more and more of a hero in public...and a heel in private. 

Starring :

Kirk Douglas, Arthur Kennedy, Marilyn Maxwell

Director :

Mark Robson


Running time : 99 Minutes

Language : English, Spanish  Dolby Digital 2.0

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