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Destination Moon (1950)  DVD

Destination Moon (1950) DVD


Destination Moon (1950) 

Industrialist John Archer, former Army general Tom Powers and research scientist Warner Anderson collaborate on a manned rocketship with an atomic engine, convinced that the nation that militarily controls the Moon controls the Earth as well. But as their work crews construct the spaceship "Luna" in the Mojave Desert, insidious foreign-inspired propaganda turns the tide of public opinion against them. Realizing that the project's enemies can use the law to halt the launch, Archer, Powers, Anderson and electronics technician Dick Wesson decide to make a hasty pre-dawn liftoff in the untested rocket - Destination Moon!

Years before the first U.S. satellites were launched, and nearly two decades before Man first set foot on the lunar surface, George Pal's Destination Moon depicted these future events with a high degree of technical accuracy - and opened the floodgates of '50s Science Fiction.

Starring :

John Archer, Warner Anderson

Director :

Irving Pichel


Running time : 91 Minutes

Language : English





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