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Elvis - I´m Saved  DVD

Elvis - I´m Saved DVD


Elvis - I´m Saved 

The different 68 Comeback Special

The year is 1968. After several years of making movies without personal appearances things are about to change. This new release is purely fictional and presents Elvis Presley's Comeback Special in a totally different way; Elvis is hosting his own TV Special and tells his side of the story. Elvis talks about his career, first record and Hollywood. His personal life, tragedies, future plans and God, giving you an intimate look at his life and career in a way only he can. Including rare footage and home movies, original clips from the movies, and some cool vintage commercials from 1968! (Yes, the Big Mac also has its 50th anniversary!) Presented in 'True' widescreen for the first time! Not stretching out Elvis body or face, but all shots individually repaired for the best result! The opening is sensational and has a FULL version of Trouble/Guitar Man, including Elvis' footage from the Discotheque, Supper Club, wearing Black leather as well as the original version all edited to perfection! After the first 'Elvis Speaks' part the show starts with some of his first Sun Records; That's All Right, Trying To Get To You and Tiger Man get the special really started! Most clips have been re-edited for watching pleasure, for example the 'break up' version of Heartbreak Hotel (second sit down) has been recreated as a full rockin' version! Same goes for That's All Right and Blue Suede Shoes; full versions without repeatable parts, making some portions shorter than usual but it all works quite well for the overall 'feel' of this Special. The gospel section also has been re-done including rare alternate footage and performances. All songs have been re-edited.Elvis talks through the whole special and lots of rare footage accompany him while doing so. Sit back and relax, and let Elvis take you on a musical journey through his Life. You've all heard the stories... Now hear the true ones from the man himself!

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