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Elvis : The Missing Years  DVD

Elvis : The Missing Years DVD


Elvis : The Missing Years 

Very few people can claim to have changed the young culture of the world in the way that Elvis Presley did. He showed the youth of the day another lifestyle and arguably created the 'teenager'. For the first time teenagers could express themselves through their own music and fashion, breaking with tradition and not just following in their parents footsteps.

Elvis's life has been well documented, especially since his untimely death in 1977, but the Missing Years Collection offers a unique and important insight into the private man behind the icon.

The DVD features the least well documented events in Elvis's life and reveals in detail his two years in Germany when, at the height of his career and influence and just three weeks after the death of his mother, he was drafted into the US Army, imposing a separation from his devoted fans. Also included is a special bonus 55 minute audio documentary spanning Elvis's life and career providing many insights into the sometimes complex personality of the man.


Running time : 140 Minutes

Language : English


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