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Godzilla - Final Wars (2004)  DVD

Godzilla - Final Wars (2004) DVD


Godzilla - Final Wars (2004)

In what may be the greatest episode of this legendary series, Godzilla celebrates his 50th birthday with the world's most ferocious monsters crashing the party, turning the entire globe into a mega-destructive birthday bash. The Earth Defense has a little surprise gift for their green nemesis too, they intend to finish him off once and for all.

Reaching beyond the environs of Tokyo; Rodan, Gigan, Mothra, and more of their nefarious friends attack the Statue Of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and other premier tourist destinations. But before you can say "run for your life," a superior alien appears to save Earth - or so it seems.

Starring :

Akira Takarada, Don Frye

Director :

Ryuhei Kitamura


Running time : 125 Minutes

Language : Japanese

Subtitles : English

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