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Godzilla´s Revenge (1969)  DVD

Godzilla´s Revenge (1969) DVD


Godzilla´s Revenge (1969) 

Little boy Ichiro is tired of being beat up by the local bully and imagines what Godzilla's son Minilla would do in the same situation, so he imagines traveling to monster island where he's befriended by Minilla in person!

They quickly become pals after finding out that both have to battle their own bullies. Only problem is, Minilla's bullies are the giant inhabitants of Monster Island and Godzilla wants him to get tough. Ichiro learns about himself and how to deal with his own neighborhood nastiest!

Starring :

Kenji Sahara, Sachio Sakai

Director :

Ishiro Honda


Running time : 70 Minutes

Language : Japanese

Subtitles : English

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