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Her Husband´s Affairs (1947) - Lucille Ball VHS


Her Husband´s Affairs (1947)


This screwball farce features TV's most famous comedienne in a familiar role - the hare-brained wife whose antics land her and her husband in hot water. Unable to keep her nose out of his affairs, Margaret Weldon (Lucille Ball, The Long, Long Trailer, TV's I Love Lucy) is always trying to help her ad-man husband, Bill, played here by Franchot Tone (Phantom Lady, Mutiny on the Bounty). Inspired by previous success, the meddling Margaret dives in to help when an eccentric crackpot inventor seeks Bill's help in promoting a miracle embalming fluid. But when the invention actually turns out to be a hair remover, the ensuing chaos leaves Margaret and Bill scrambling. Writing credits go to Ben Hecht (The Front Page) and Charles Lederer (His Girl Friday). Directed by S. Sylvan Simon (The Fuller Brush Man, I Love Trouble), the film also features favorite character actors, including Edward Everett Horton (Holiday, Top Hat) and Gene Lockhart (His Girl Friday, Miracle on 34th Street).

Starring :

Lucille Ball, Franchot Tone

Director :

S.Sylvan Simon


Running time : 83 Minutes

Language : English


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