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Invasion Of Astro-Monster (1965)  DVD

Invasion Of Astro-Monster (1965) DVD


Invasion Of Astro-Monster (1965) 

Aliens from Planet X borrow our monsters for a little extermination project, but they've got something else up their sleeves: world domination! Using mind-control technology, these vinyl-and-sunglasses wearing spacemen turn Godzilla, Rodan and King Ghidorah loose in Japan, demanding Earth's surrender! It's up to American astronaut F. Glenn, his galaxy-trotting buddy Fuji, and nerdy investor Tetsuo to break the aliens' hold on the monsters and save our planet from certain doom.

Invasion Of Astro-Monster (1965) represents the pinnacle of Toho's monster cinema, with an all-star cast featuring Nick Adams (The Rebel), Akira Takarada (the original Godzilla) and Kumi Mizuno as alien temptress Namikawa, plus a cavalcade of amazing retro-riffic special effects. Presented in its original uncut Japanese-language edition with english subtitles.

Starring :

Nick Adams, Akira Kubo

Director :

Ishiro Honda


Running time : 94 Minutes

Language : Japanese

Subtitles : English


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