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Loch Ness (1996) - Ted Danson  DVD

Loch Ness (1996) - Ted Danson DVD


Loch Ness (1996)

Ted Danson ("Cheers"), Joely Richardson (The Patriot) and Ian Holm (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) star in this thrilling and magical adventure about a skeptical American scientist attempting to solve the mystery of the Loch Ness monster.

Dr. John Dempsey (Danson) arrives in beautiful Scotland with a not-so beautiful track record. After a failed attempt to find Bigfoot nearly ended his career, the doubtful zoologist must prove - or disprove - conclusively the existence of "Nessie." Though he ruffles the feathers of a few locals, he is able to persuade an innkeeper named Laura (Richardson) to let him stay at her hotel. And with the help of Laura's young daughter, John begins to open his eyes - and his heart - to what's around him, discovering something more wondrous and powerful than even the mystery of the loch!

Starring :

Ted Danson, Ian Holm, Joely Richardson

Director :

John Henderson


Running time : 101 Minutes

Language : English

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