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Paramount On Parade (1930) - Jean Arthur  DVD

Paramount On Parade (1930) - Jean Arthur DVD


Paramount On Parade (1930) 

A musical revue that basically has Paramount stars and contract-players doing things some had never done on screen, and wouldn't again; such as Ruth Chatteron , in a French-café setting singing "My Marine" (written by Richard A. Whiting and Raymond B. Eagan) to a group of U. S. Marines, including Stuart Eriwn, Stanley Smith and Frederic March; Buddy Rogers doing a song-duet with Lillian Roth called "Any Time's the Time to Fall in Love" (written by Elise Jans and Jack King), on a cuckoo-clock set; and Clara Bow singing and dancing in the "True To The Nany Now" number to a group of sailors.

Starring :

Jean Arthur, Clara Bow, George Bancroft, Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier

Director :

Dorothy Arzner, Otto Brower a.o.


Running time : 79 Minutes

Language : English


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