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Red Sun (1971) - Charles Bronson

Red Sun (1971) - Charles Bronson


Red Sun (1971) 


Link, (Charles Bronson) a rough-riding gunslinger, teams up with Kurado, (Toshira Mifune) an honorable Samurai warrior, in a grisly tale of revenge set in the lawless southwest of the 1870s.

A gruesome train robbery involving a priceless Samurai sward throws the two bitter enemies together. As victims of the same desperado, they are forced to unite to capture the killer and restore the sword to its rightful owner. They have one week to complete their mission or the warrior must commit "hara-kiri!" They kidnap the killer's beautiful girlfriend a prostitute working in a seedy bordello.

Follow this burning tale of revenge as the action explodes under the scorching Red Sun!

Starring :

Charles Bronson, Toshiro Mifune, Ursula Andress, Alain Delon

Director :

Terence Young


Running time : 112 Minutes

Language : English


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