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Safari Jane (1993) - Sarah Jane Hamilton  DVD

Safari Jane (1993) - Sarah Jane Hamilton DVD


Safari Jane (1993)

College student Jane sets out to join her father, a world-famous explorer who has a ranch somewhere on the African savanna, where there is supposed to be an ancient diamond deposit. Although her father has warned her against coming, she and her friend Caroline go out looking for the diamonds, hiring a guide and some mercenaries for protection. They eventually find the diamonds, but the mercenaries turn on them and steal the diamonds, leaving the girls to be eaten by wild animals and cannibals. Just in the nick of time, however, a strapping young stud appears from out of the jungle to save them. Their troubles aren’t over however–they’re soon captured by an Amazon queen and her tribe of cannibals.

Starring :

Dallas D’Amour, Autumn Daye, Sarah Jane Hamilton

Director :

Gail Force, Jim Powers


Running time : 75 Minutes

Language : English

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