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Stir Crazy (1980) - Gene Wilder  DVD

Stir Crazy (1980) - Gene Wilder DVD

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Stir Crazy (1980) 

Is a riotous comic farce starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as out-of-work new Yorkers who find themselves incarcerated in a Sun Belt prison for a robbery they didn't commit. Would-be playwright Skip Donohue and would-be actor Harry Monroe should be on the road to success. But along the way to seeking their fortunes in California, they get stranded in Arizona. Hired to dress as woodpeckers for a bank promotion, Skip and harry are mistaken for bank robbers and find themselves thrown behind bars. Outwitting wardens, sadistic guards and fellow prisoners, the two even wind up in a prison rodeo.

Starring :

Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor

Director :

Sidney Poitier


Running time : 107 Minutes

Language : English

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