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Tentacles (1977) - Henry Fonda  Blu-ray

Tentacles (1977) - Henry Fonda Blu-ray


Tentacles (1977) 

Region code B (Europe)

Several people disappear from and at the sea. Their bodies are found gnawed to the skeleton, even the marrow is missing. The scientists have no idea which animal could do such things. Dr. Turner begins to suspect that the company which builds a tunnel beneath the bay might have poisoned the environment and caused an octopus to mutate to giant dimensions. Just at the same time a great sailing regatta with many children is started - among them Turner's nephew Tommy. 

Starring :

Henry Fonda, John Houston, Shelley Winters, Bo Hopkins

Director :

Oliver Hellman


Running time : 102 Minutes

Language : English, German  DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

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