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The Black Scorpion (1957) - Richard Denning  DVD

The Black Scorpion (1957) - Richard Denning DVD


The Black Scorpion (1957)

They're big. They're bad. They scuttle along in caverns miles beneath the Earth - until an earthquake opens paths to the surface. Now, these monsters of genus Arachnida are invading our world with deadly !

With top special effects co-designed by King Kong's Willis O'Brien, The Black Scorpion is horror with a sting more lethal than the king-sized ants that overran Los Angeles' sewers in the classic Them! Can humankind survive these invincible juggernauts? That fate rests on the shoulders of Hank Scott (1950's monster-movie stalwart Richard Denning) as the creatures rip a train from its track, snatch a helicopter from the sky and, in the film's most gripping sequence, battle each other in their subterranean lair. Watch out!

Starring :

Richard Denning, Mara Corday, Carlos Rivas

Director :

Edward Lustig


Running time : 88 Minutes

Language : English

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