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The Desert Fox (1951) - James Mason DVD


The Desert Fox (1951) 

Region code 1 (USA)

James Mason delivers a strong performance in this fascinating portrait of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. In the early 1940s, Rommel's juggernaut Afrika Korps dominated North Africa. But as the tide turned and he came to the painful realization that his Fuhrer, to whom he had sworn allegiance, was destroying Germany, his ingrained sense of duty pushed him into a conspiracy against Hitler. Co-starring Jessica Tandy as Rommel's wife and Cedric Hardwicke as another anti-Hitler conspirator, The Desert Fox is an intimate look at one of the most respected military tacticisms of modern times.

Starring :

James Mason, Jessica Tandy, Cedric Hardwicke

Director :

Henry Hathaway


Running time : 88 Minutes

Language : English

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