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The Fortune Cookie (1966) - Jack Lemmon  DVD

The Fortune Cookie (1966) - Jack Lemmon DVD


The Fortune Cookie (1966) 

Powered by Walter Matthau's Oscar-winning performance as the quintessential All-American chiseler, The Fortune Cookie is a hysterically funny comedy that showcases filmmaker Billy Wilder at his uproarious best.

Harry Hinkle (Jack Lemmon) is one lucky guy! When he's accidentally clobbered by a 220-pound halfback, all Harry suffers is a slight concussion. All, that is, until Whiplash Willie (Matthau) - a legal scoundrel of the first order - arrives on the scene! For if Harry follows shyster Willie's advice and feigns a crippling injury, the two charlatans can split a cool million in phony insurance claims. But can Willie's world-class finagling dispel those ominous words that lie within the fortune cookie on Harry's hospital plate: You can't fool all of the people all of the time?

Starring :

Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau

Director :

Billy Wilder


Running time : 125 Minutes

Language : English

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