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To Sir With Love 2 (1996) - Sidney Poitier  Blu-ray codefree

To Sir With Love 2 (1996) - Sidney Poitier Blu-ray codefree


To Sir With Love 2 (1996) 


Region code A,B,C - codefree

Sidney Poitier reprises his role as Mark Thackeray in To Sir, With Love II, the sequel to the original 1967 classic film To Sir, With Love. It is the eve of Thackeray's retirement from the working class London school where he has taught for the last 30 years. During his speech to the faculty and friends who have gathered to send him off with good wishes, he announces that he has taken a teaching position on Chicago's South Side. But Mark has another reason for wanting to go to the States - to find his first love, a woman he met over thirty years ago when he was a young man in Guyana. The answer to the question of whether and how Thackeray will succeed with his new unruly students will not be a surprise for fans of the 60's classic, but the pleasure is in revisiting the characters and actors from the original film (including Lulu and Judy Geeson, who reprise their roles).

Starring :

Sidney Poitier, Christian Payton, Judy Geeson

Director :

Peter Bogdanovich


Running time : 92 Minutes

Language : English, Spanish  Dolby Digital

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