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Under Siege (1992) - Steven Seagal  HD DVD

Under Siege (1992) - Steven Seagal HD DVD


Under Siege (1992) 



It's not a job. It's an adventure! Steven Seagal comes aboard and comes on strong in a fireball of a movie. When the USS Missouri welcomes aboard entertainers for the battleship's last voyage, the visitors throw a party.

A war party. Led by a rogue CIA operative and a turncoat officer, they're killer-elite commandos out to hijack the ship's nuclear arsenal. They overpower the crew. Except on man. "I'm just a cook," that man says. But he's a cook with a recipe for action. He's ex-Navy SEAL and decorated combat operative Casey Ryback (Seagal). All hands on deck, action fans!

Starring :

Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Busey

Director :

Andrew Davis


Running time : 103 Minutes

Language : English, French, Spanish  Dolby Digital Plus 5.1

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