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Watusi (1959) - George Montgomery  DVD

Watusi (1959) - George Montgomery DVD


Watusi (1959) 

Following the end of World War I, explorer Allen Quartermain's son Harry travels to Africa to search for King Solomon's mines. He wears a special medallion given to him by his father from the Watusi tribe, who guard the mines. With him is his friend Rick Cobb. Along the way, they meet and take with them Erica Neuler, the daughter of a missionary who was killed by a local tribe. Harry has antagonistic feelings toward Erica because she is German. His mother and 8 year old sister were killed by Germans when the boat they were on was sank by a German U-boat. Can he overcome the challenges of hostile tribesmen, dangerous territory, and his own anger to find the treasure and the love of his life?

Starring :

George Montgomery, Taina Elg, David Farrar

Director :

Kurt Neumann


Running time : 85 Minutes

Language : English


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