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Year Of The Dagon (1985) - Mickey Rourke  Blu-ray

Year Of The Dagon (1985) - Mickey Rourke Blu-ray


Year Of The Dagon (1985) 


Region code B (Europe)

Corruption. Extortion. Sometimes, even, assassination. For the tradition-bound mob bosses of Manhattan's Chinatown, there are age-old ways of running things. And now there's a police captain Stanley White's way.

Mickey Rourke portrays White, a war veteran who has a Vietnam-sized chip on his shoulder when dealing with an emerging blood feud in Chinatown. John Lone plays the crime lord standing in the line of fire of White's relentless campaign. And Academy Award®-winning director Michael Crimino (The Deer Hunter, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot), working from a screenplay based on the novel by Robert Daley (Prince Of The City) and co-scripted by Oliver Stone, fills the screen with adrenaline rushes of action and excitement.

Starring :

Mickey Rourke, John Lone, Victor Wong

Director :

Michael Cimino


Running time : 134 Minutes

Language : English, German  DTS-HD MA 2.0

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