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Pot O´Gold (1941) - James Stewart  Colorized Version

Pot O´Gold (1941) - James Stewart Colorized Version


Pot O´Gold (1941) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Colorized Version

Based on a popular radio money giveaway show of the same name, Pot O' Gold was James Roosevelt's first (and last) attempt at movie producing. Probably because his father was then president of the United States, Mr. Roosevelt was able to hire Hollywood's best talent: the ever-bewildered but lovable James Stewart, who had won an Oscar for The Philadelphia Story the year before; the beautiful and tempestuous Paulette Goddard, who had just starred with Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, and because 1941 was the peak of the big band era, popular Horace Heidt and his Thirty Musical Knights.

The story revolves around the band's struggle for its "big break". The members all live in Mrs. McCorkle's boarding house and spend their time practicing on the roof, which maddens Charles Winninger, the wealthy owner of the neighboring health food factory. Everyone else in he neighborhood seems to love it. Mrs. McCorkle's daughter Molly (Goddard) sings with the band and has the utmost confidence it will succeed. Jimmy Haskell (Stewart) arrives in town and immediately meets Molly and the band. He's a former music store owner who has come at the request of his music-hating uncle, who advertises his products on a radio show, "The Haskell Happy Hour" - music-less until he goes on vacation and Jimmy, Molly and the band take over!

Starring :

James Stewart, Paulette Goddard

Director :

George Marshall

Running time : 82 Minutes

Language : English

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