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The Rack (1956) - Paul Newman  Colorized Version

The Rack (1956) - Paul Newman Colorized Version


The Rack (1956) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Colorized Version

Wounded and weakened in Korean prison camps, GIs descend from the plane that returned them to U.S. soil. It is a time of tearful family reunions. A time of uncertainty about how to help traumatized men. And a time of reckoning: Capt. Edward W. Hall Jr., a silver-star hero and ex-POW, faces trial for collaboration with the enemy. Paul Newman's richly complex portrayal of Hall sets the tone of acting excellence found throughout The Rack. How much can a POW be expected to endure before breaking? Should his own past and emotional vulnerabilities be weighed against the military's policy of name, rank and serial number? The issues remain timelessly relevant in this probing courtroom drama adapted from a Rod Serling teleplay.

Starring :

Paul Newman, Lee Marvin, Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Wendell Corey

Director :

Arnold Laven


Running time : 100 Minutes

Language : English 


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