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A Blade In The Dark (1983) - Lamberto Bava DVD

A Blade In The Dark (1983) - Lamberto Bava DVD


A Blade In The Dark (1983) 

Bruno (Andrea Occhipinti of New York Ripper) is hired to compose the music for a new horror movie and rents an isolated villa to concentrate on his work. But when several beautiful young women are brutally murdered within the house, Bruno becomes obsessed with solving the savage crimes. Is a clue to the killer's identity hidden with the film itself, or is there a more horrifying secret lurking deep in the dark?

Directed by Lamberto Bava and written by Dardano Sacchetti, this Italian shocker caused controversy throughout Europe due to its scenes of excessive violence. A Blade In The Dark has been transferred from original vault materials and is now presented completely uncut and uncensored.

Starring :

Andrea Occhipinti, Valeria Cavalli

Director :

Lamberto Bava


Running time : 109 Minutes

Language : English



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