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Beyond Rangoon (1995) - Patricia Arquette  USA LD

Beyond Rangoon (1995) - Patricia Arquette USA LD


Beyond Rangoon (1995)

Laserdisc, USA

When Dr. Laura Bowman (Medium's Patricia Arquette) arrives in Burma (now Myanmar) shortly after a devastating family tragedy, she is swept up in more sorrow: the government's 1988 crackdown on the rising pro-democracy movement. Trapped by the turbulence around her and hampered from leaving with her fellow travelers due to a lost passport, she is compelled to flee into the jungle countryside toward safety in Thailand. It's a journey of terror and hope for those in flight. For Laura, it's also one of discovery. By aiding others, she finds her own redemption from pain.

Starring :

Patricia Arquette, Frances McDormand

Director :

John Boorman


Running time : 99 Minutes

Language : English

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