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15 Minutes (2001) - Robert De Niro DVD


15 Minutes (2001) 

Region code 1 (USA)

Today, there are just three requirements for murder: the motive, the means...and the media. Robert DeNiro and Edward Burns pack serious heat in this supercharged action-thriller.

When two Eastern European criminals decide that the fastest route to fame and fortune in the U.S. is infamy, they embark on a vicious, headline-grabbing killing rampage. Hot on their trail are a veteran homicide detective (Robert DeNiro) and a young arson investigator (Edward Burns). Against a frenzied backdrop of tabloid TV and justice gone mad, they are drawn into the killers' explosive game of cat and mouse as the mean streets of New York erupt into a battlefield.

Co-starring Kelsey Grammer (TV's Frasier) and Melina Kanakaredes (TV's Providence), 15 Minutes is "a sheer adrenaline rush" (Movieline) that will leave you breathless!

Starring :

Robert De Niro, Edward Burns

Director :

John Herzfeld


Running time : 121 Minutes

Language : English

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