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A Great Ride (1979) - Perry Lang  DVD

A Great Ride (1979) - Perry Lang DVD


A Great Ride (1979)

Cocky, overconfident motocross champion Jim Dancer and his more mature and levelheaded bike racing buddy Steve Mitchell decide to trek from Mexico to Canada via an unmarked off-road route. During their eventful pilgrimage the carefree fun-loving (and seeking) protagonists encounter a mixed bag of folks who include a perky middle-aged lady who wrecks cars for a living, two sexy swinging babes, a friendly farmer, and a hotshot aspiring motocross rider teen who challenges Dancer to a race. This latter episode ends in tragedy, with the kid taking a fatal spill off his bike. So the kid's gung-ho militant gun fanatic father decides to hunt Dancer and Mitchell down in his sinister souped-up truck. 

Starring :

Perry Lang, Michael MacRae, Michael Sullivan

Director :

Don Hulette


Running time : 86 Minutes

Language : English


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