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Aliens From Another Planet (1982) - James Darren  DVD

Aliens From Another Planet (1982) - James Darren DVD


Aliens From Another Planet (1982) 

This is a compilation of three episodes of the series, "THE TIME TUNNEL". The first was the pilot about a government project. Which is a device that can send people into the future or past. When a senator sent to inspect the project and decide if it is feasible to continue, is not impressed, Tony Newman, one of the scientists working on it, decides to go through it, knowing fully well, that he has no idea what the results might be. He ends up in 1912, on the Titanic, just before it sank. Naturally, he tries to warn them but they of course don't believe him. Doug Phillips another scientist follows him. Naturally, they could not stop it. But the scientists back in the present were able to get them out of there. Their next stop is the 19th century, where some aliens are invading with the purpose of taking all of the planet's food. Of course Tony and Doug must try and stop them. And then, back in the present, one of the projects technicians, is a spy, he kills the one manning the tunnel ...

Starring :

James Darren, Robert Colbert, Robert Duvall, , Whit Bissell

Director :

Irwin Allen, Sobey Martin


Running time : 99 Minutes

Language : English

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