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Along The Great Divide (1951) - Kirk Douglas  DVD

Along The Great Divide (1951) - Kirk Douglas DVD


Along The Great Divide (1951) 

For his first movie Western, Kirk Douglas rode in good company. Directed by Raoul Walsh and filmed in the rugged High Sierras and Mojave Desert, Along The Great Divide is a lean, bullet-hard sagebrush saga.

Douglas plays a U.S. Marshal who rescues an accused murderer (Walter Brennan) from mob justice, then escorts the wily old coot to trial. En route the lawman confronts pursuing vigilantes, a blinding windstorm, a rebellious deputy (John Agar) with an itchy trigger finger and a woman (Virginia Mayo) who, as the prisoner's loyal daughter and the marshal's newfound love, is torn between femme and fatale. Stoically facing these obstacles with a grin, grimace or six-gun, Douglas invests his role with a rugged individualism foreshadowing even greater work under Western skies.

Starring :

Kirk Douglas, John Agar, Walter Brennan, Virginia Mayo

Director :

Raoul Walsh


Running time : 84 Minutes

Language : English


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