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An Eye For An Eye (1981) - Chuck Norris VHS


An Eye For An Eye (1981) 


International superstar Chuck Norris stars in this pulse-pounding revenge thriller that pulls out all the stops for explosive edge-of-your-seat excitement. Crackling with unbridled energy and suspense, it's an electrifying adventure that's as fast and hard-hitting as its unstoppable hero.

Police detective Sean Kane (Norris) is any criminal's worst nightmare: a cop who's just as lethal with his lightning-quick martial arts moves as he is a with his service revolver. But when his partner is brutally murdered, Kane quits the and goes beyond the law to seek vengeance against the ruthless Morgan Canfield (Christopher Lee), a powerful and well-connected drug lord who destroys any man who stands in his way. But Kane has never been more ready for a fight. He's bold, ferocious and has an ace up his sleeve: his mentor, Chan (Mako), a martial arts wizard who will join him in a thrilling no-holds-barred final assault against Canfield and his criminal empire.

Starring :

Chuck Norris, Mako, Christopher Lee

Director :

Steve Carver


Running time : 106 Minutes

Language : English

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